Saturday, 28 January 2017

Kalakaari event in Mumbai

Kalakaari event to be held in Mumbai

The much awaited annual event of industry exposure is about to begin. With immense pleasure we are informing that this year's KALAKARI event is scheduled at Mumbai, with attendees from institutes across India.

Over the years, this event has been very special for students as they get ture exposure to one of the finest talents of the industry, showcase their artwork to them and win awards with participants from across India.

In last years, Arena Animation Bhawarkuan students had received many awards and proven their mettle.

We wish all the best to the students and sure to continue the journey to next level this year.

Arena Animation, Bhawarkuan, Indore

Monday, 16 January 2017

Graphic Web Design & Development Course in Indore

Responsive Web Designing

As we have mentioned innumerable times, by 2014, Smartphone’s and tablets will overtake PC and laptop as the leading web browsing devices. There is also this information, that after ten years of upwards trends, PC and Laptop market will see a decline in sales for the first time in 2014. What are these news telling you? That it is high time to make your site ready for tablets and Smartphone’s.
People are using smart devices increasingly. A whopping 45% adult from USA own a Smartphone. 31% of USA adults use tablets and iPads. In fact even normal phones are losing out to Smartphone’s nowadays. Tablet market is growing equally fast.
The problem is many if you stick to traditional webdesign process. How can you manage so many different devices? How can align the site for so many different viewing spaces? All these devices come with different screen sizes. These sites also must be ready for innumerable web browsers those are coming with these devices. These sites must be ready to perform well for all the different operating systems for these devices. And yes, like you are guessing by now, it is impossible, at least till you stick to traditional web design plans.

Responsive web design uses a very clever trick called CSS media queries so that it can adjust the page depending on the screen dimensions, orientation, colors, so on and so forth. In short, the web page realigns its elements according to the device which is fetching it for display.
How to know if a site is responsive or not? It is simple, simply open the page and resize your web browser randomly. If the elements change its positions and realign themselves then the site is responsive. If they stay same and instead sliders appear near the border of the web browser then the site is static and not responsive.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

·         There is no redesigning of the site needed. View it from the 27 inch Mac monitor and view it using the 4 inch screens of your Android phone; it appears to be the same.
·         As all HTML elements including fonts are optimized for each device, this is really the best screen real estate utilization.
·         As one site can act for all the devices, there is really no need to redirect mobile users to another version of the site. Earlier we used to send mobile users to the mobile version of the site, like for


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Animation Institute In Indore

Animation Training in Indore offers job oriented Program

With the rise in mobile and internet penetration, the demand for digital content is increasing exponentially in last decade. And this trend doesn't seems to be loosing its momentum in near future.

With this increase demands from industry on digital content, the need of animation professional is also increasing in this creative sector. This trend guarantees success to trainee from coaching from animation institute. We have come across many aspirants serving successfully under animation space.

Tier 2 cities of India, like Indore, are in a sweet spot to attract work and quality throughput for animation. With relatively low cost of development and access to superior technology and training the assurance to get job in animation industry is very high in Indore.

Arena Animation, Bhawarkuan Road, Indore imparts variety of job oriented courses under animation space and celebrates the 100% placement rate for its students. Some of the popular course from Arena animation Indore are stated below:

Popular Courses

Please check the top placements of Arena Animation, Bhawarkuan in 2016.

Visit Arena Animation, Bhwarkuan Road, Indore, website for more detail